The amazingness of live

Be carefull what you fear for.
Be fully aware of what you wish for.
I am becoming more and more aware of the limited, short term smallness we live in day by day… that what we humans call reality.
The illusion of importance or smallness we hold dear. The veil we rather keep to hide the truths that might shatter our believes and ankers.
I am bursting bubbles….one by one and the funny thing is once you burst them…you cannot unsee the bizare set up we held up as if our lives depended on it.
Simultaneously I see the amazingness the miracle, the gift, the blessing of LIFE.
Even more…
the more I am able to zoom out to see pieces of a bigger picture my heart expands and I am not sure I am able to contain the beauty of….all…there…is…
The nothingness and all-ness of every thing we know.
We are artists, dancers, lovers, philosophers, we are mothers, fathers, inventors, seeers, healers….
We are human, which is a miracle on its own.
We are creators.
We are writing our futures… as we speak…literally.
For our thoughts become words, our words become action and action becomes reality.
Now here comes the point which is of upmost importance.
What are our thoughts based on?
Are we aware of the foundation we build these thoughts on?
Will we create a future based on fear of what will happen?
Or are we ready to create a future based on love and the trust that the future will be the best possible place for all beings.
Our options a are limitless….
WE are catalysists
No, stop!
…think about it….
What do you wish to create?
Because you are already doing it…
with every thought you have had…every emotion you connect with… you create a field of expectation…which actually draws the situation to you.
So are you going to sign a petition to refuse a possible outcome that has not been validated yet or does not resonate with your believes? Already dreading that possible situation as if it has already occured? Visualising the exact scenario and the horrible effect it will have on your life?!
Well congratualations you have already taken he most important step in creating a future….which you do not want.
We come from the source…are one with source and will return to source
Or if you will… never for a second are you not one with source.
We create by visioning, and resonating fully with the outcome we long for…or dread….
The free choice is yours entirely.
I wish to focus solely on the outcome of a free, healthy, loving, caring and exciting clean and green future.
By meditating every single day. My heart and mind become trained and more and more in tune.
No room for threats of a doomed future.
Only hope. That one day all bubbles have vanished in thin air…. and we can start living our true potential in freedom, abundance, joy and ever rising awareness.